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Mission of Change: Our Goals

Through Students Inspiring Students, GCU serves the community and makes a local difference. The goal is to continuously transform K-12 education and offer 800 full-tuition scholarships; GCU is currently celebrating over 200 GCU student scholars whose lives were changed by earning the scholarship. GCU’s mission includes:

  • Expand program for greater growth and change
  • Establish more Learning Lounge locations; there are currently locations at over 95 schools
  • Continue to offer this program as an actionable, real solution to improve academic achievement in Arizona schools and inner-city high schools
  • Graduate ambitious GCU students who can enter the workforce in their community and reinvest in the area as a leader
  • Inspire students to believe in themselves and go after their vision for the future
  • Promote Students Inspiring Students as a model to emulate on a national level
  • Continue to see tremendous, transformative results

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Students Inspiring Students: Supporting Education

Grand Canyon University’s Students Inspiring Students neighborhood scholarship program is a grassroots, self-funded initiative that grants local students a scholarship covering full tuition and fees, so they have the opportunity to get a private college education. Many inner-city students in the West Phoenix community understand that education is the key to their future, yet believe college is out of their reach because of financially challenging backgrounds. To make education an accessible reality for all, GCU’s Students Inspiring Students program gives students hope that they can pursue an education and achieve their dreams.

Community Transformation & Prosperity

By providing students with the key to open doors of opportunity, GCU is changing lives and impacting West Phoenix where the university calls home. Not only do students deserve the chance to build a promising future, but our community also deserves the chance to prosper. This program ignites the change that can fuel this transformation—because when we invest in our future generation now, we’re investing in the future of this community.

A Movement of Students Helping Students & Giving Back

Here’s how Students Inspiring Students works…

  • Students Inspiring Students awards scholarships to local eligible high school seniors who have sought assistance in the GCU Learning Lounge®
  • The GCU Learning Lounge is led by GCU student scholars who help high schoolers succeed in advanced-level classes, improve academic performance, set goals, build classroom confidence and more
  • In turn, scholarship recipients pay it forward as GCU students by mentoring and helping the next group of high school students behind them in a Learning Lounge

Be a Champion of Change. Your Generosity Makes a Real Difference.

Contributions help this initiative grow and support GCU’s mission to create progressive, prosperous change. When you support Students Inspiring Students, you become a student advocate who positively impacts education and shapes brighter futures. Your generosity further supports the university’s five-point plan and commitment to making education accessible and affordable. As an influential member of the GCU family, your investment will help enhance education, set a higher bar for stronger academic excellence and grow our vibrant campus. Help us achieve our goals as we aim to strengthen the impact we have on education and community revitalization within the next decade.

Students Inspiring Students Changes Lives

Over 200 GCU students in the West Phoenix area received the life-changing opportunity to earn a college education because of Grand Canyon University’s groundbreaking Students Inspiring Students Scholarship initiative. This neighborhood scholarship program awards eligible local seniors full-tuition scholarships and the chance to pursue their dreams beyond high school. See what our scholarship recipients have to say:

“The SIS Scholarship has provided me a quality education that I would not have been able to afford otherwise. I hope to use what I’ve learned to contribute to society through the design and innovation of new technologies.”

Cody Mathes Sophomore, Mechanical Engineering Glenview College Preparatory High School

“The SIS Scholarship has shown me that there are no boundaries. The obstacles I once thought I had won’t stop me from someday becoming someone. After obtaining my degree from GCU, I plan on going into the court system as a trial translator and eventually obtaining my paralegal license.”

Elva Martinez Junior, Justice Studies with a minor in Spanish Franklin Police and Fire High School
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